VIII: Ancestral Meditation


I would like you to settle in and get comfy where you are. Close your eyes. Relax. Take a breath and ground yourself. Allow yourself to release the worries and the activities of today.

And as you breathe and settle in, really feel the expansiveness and the softness of the dark you see when your eyes are closed.

Few more breaths here.

Now imagine yourself in a warm and comfortable living room. It's dimly lit with a small lamp and a few candles scattered around the space. You're nestled on a couch surrounded by pillows and soft fabrics. The smell of fresh flowers and home cooking is drifting in from another room. You are safe here. As you sit here, cozy and at ease, you see an outline of a door emerging across from you in the room.

The door begins to open, and as it does, you see your family members, and friends who have passed on. They come in one by one, followed by your spirit guides, the angels, and animals who have also been supporting you from the beyond. They come into the room and shower you with their love, smiling, hugging you, stroking your hair, speaking loving words.

They are so excited to see you.

You are surrounded by their love, you are filled with the love of many, many lifetimes, you are filled with the Love of the Universe.

They offer you a gift. And as you look at it, you realize this gift was meant specifically for you. You take it and smile. Grateful for their presence and for the opportunity that is your life.

You thank them for this blessing and feel their light shine on you. A clock chimes and they tell you it's time for them to return. After a long embrace, they wave goodbye and exit through the door, which closes again, leaving you feeling complete and hopeful, knowing they are with you always.


What gift were you given?

How does it apply to where you are in your life today?

Where can you bring more gratitude for your ancestors, familial or otherwise that could help you on your journey?