Got the Post-Release Blues? Here are Seven Easy Ways to Re-Inspire Yourself

You’ve just played an amazing show!
You’ve just released a record!
You’ve just come back from a worldwide tour!
And now you’re at home.
And you feel depressed.
Nothing’s “wrong” per se, but you feel well, meh.


It’s a well-documented phenomena among the musicians and creatives I know and love. The postpartum blues, after any significant artistic release. So here’s a list of things to do when you’re in that space and need help recalibrating.


1. Relax! As artists, musicians, freelancers, we’re so busy hustling that it can feel uncomfortable when something is finally complete! Do some self-care! Rest! Pick up a book, get a massage, do something or anything that is unrelated to your usual medium and allow yourself to sink in.

2. Write a list of gratitudes, noting any recent artistic accomplishments, and read it out loud to yourself or to a friend. Take the time to literally see in front of you the amazing things you’ve already done!

3. Treat yourself to something you wouldn’t normally do or that feels fancy to you. Get that shiny new vinyl you’ve been wanting. Dress up in your favorite outfit and go for a stroll around the town.

4. Go on an adventure. The artists I know are inquisitive, with all kinds of thoughts and ideas floating around their ever-churning minds. If you’re feeling restless, why not plan an adventure? It can be big or small. Visit that strange building you’ve noticed on your way to work and really look at it. Go to that awesome aquatic store and watch the fish for awhile. Take that dance class you’ve been putting off because you’ve been too busy with your projects.

5. Reground by being in nature. Being an artist in any capacity is hard work, so why not take a walk in the park and listen to the birds chirping? Take your morning tea outside and feel the sun on your face.

6. Reconnect by seeing friends and family. Being an artist often necessitates being away from other people to focus on the craft and all of the things that come along with it. Now that it’s done, why not give your favorite auntie a call, or have that nightcap with your friend you’ve been passing like a ship in the night. People miss you when you have your nose to the grindstone, and they’ll want to celebrate what you’ve done too!

7. Do something creative that is not for any monetary or career gain. Learn a cover of that song you really love. Write in your journal. Make a silly video with a friend.

While this is not a comprehensive list, it is a good start to get you feeling re-energized again. Remember, you are the dreamer and this is your dream. Don’t let the post release doldrums get you down, babe!